Falcon Acoustics’ BBC-licensed LS3/5a is now available in Australia from Queensland-based distributor Audiofix.

Based in Oxford, UK, Falcon Acoustics was founded in 1972 by Malcolm Jones, who was Raymond Cooke’s first employee at KEF and the designer of the famous KEF B110 and T27 drivers. Although Jones now longer works at Falcon, he acted as a consultant for Falcon’s version of the LS3/5a. Falcon’s version is licensed by the BBC but slightly different from the licensed LS3/5a designs from other manufacturers, because Falcon has not only gone to the trouble of sourcing all the original spec parts such as the correct plywood for the cabinets, capacitors, and transformer-style inductors but has also had the original grille cloth material re-manufactured. Most importantly, it has even put the B110 and T27 drive units back into production.

This considerable effort by Falcon Acoustics, and most particularly by Malcolm Jones and Jerry Bloomfield, means you’re getting an exact replica of the original LS3/5a, so you are hearing what they really sounded like when they were new,’ said Andrew Hutchison of Audiofix. ‘It is a breath taking experience. Newer designs may well move more air but I am not sure they move the soul like these amazing little transducers. Instruments simply hang in space such is the width and height of the stereo image. The legendary delicate touch they offer the vocal range is so much better when they are new and have not suffered from as much as 40 years of ageing.’

Like the original LS3/5as, the Falcon Acoustics LS3/5as are built entirely in the UK and come in a range of real wood veneer finishes including Cherry, Walnut, Yew, Rosewood and Burr Walnut. Available now, the Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a speakers retail for $3,999 (RRP) per pair in either the Cherry or Walnut finishes.

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Pictured below are all the parts that go into making a single Falcon Acoustics LS3/5a, so you'd double this to manufacture a pair.