British hi-fi brand Exposure has released a 5010 preamplifier to complement its previously-released 200-watt 5010 monobloc power amplifiers. (See story HERE)
The Exposure 5010 preamplifier has six line inputs, all switched by high-quality relays to ensure short signal paths, one of which can be reconfigured as either an MM/MC phono option with the addition of an extra PCB, or as a DAC. The 5010 fits only one or the other of these options—you can’t install both a phono card and a DAC. The Exposure DAC is capable of up to 192/24-bit PCM and DSD 64, and comes with two inputs: USB and BNC, with auto-switching between them. The preamplifier has balanced and unbalanced outputs and is d.c.-coupled using servos at the output, and only one capacitor at the input. Its power supply features a 200W transformer, fast rectifiers and 24 high-quality smoothing capacitors. 
Much of the Exposure magic is attributable to the relentless degree of attention that is paid to the circuit design in order to achieve the best possible sound quality, and the 5010 series is of course no exception,’ says Andrew Hutchison, of AudioFix, which distributes Exposure in Australia. ‘If you like your listening experience big on emotion with an emphasis on realism and musicality, then the new Exposure 5010 series is definitely one to audition.’
Available now in either a titanium or black finish, the Exposure 5010 preamplifier retails for $3,999 (RRP). The optional MM phono plug-in board retails for $499, the optional MC phono plug-in board also retails at $499 and the optional DAC retails for $699.
Exposure 5010 Preamplifier: Manufacturer’s Specifications
Frequency Response: 1Hz–57kHz –3dB
THD: <0.005%
S/N Ratio: >98dB, A-weighted
Separation: >60dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
Maximum Output: 9VRMS (unbalanced)
Gain: 9dB/15dB (unbalanced/balanced)
Input Sensitivity: 500mV
Dimensions (HWD): 90×440×300mm
Weight: 6kg
For more information, contact AudioFix