Dynaudio has announced that it will be replacing its popular Sub 250 subwoofer with a new model, the Dynaudio Sub 3.

The Dynaudio Sub 3 has a newly-designed 240mm diameter driver that’s contained in a small enclosure with a double-thickness (37mm) front baffle. ‘Our engineers worked hard to get all the smarts of the outgoing Sub 600 into a body the size of the Sub 250, while also adding a brand-new driver and keeping the price between the two,’ said Otto Jørgensen, Product Manager at Dynaudio, Denmark. ‘It’s the ideal companion subwoofer for any stereo or multichannel system.’




The Sub 3 has a high-pass filter, volume control and dual RCA inputs and outputs. ‘This latest subwoofer from Dynaudio is very compact, but thanks to the new driver and cabinet and the 300-watt amplifier, it delivers size-defying weight, authority, punch and power for critical thunderous movie moments, but is at the same time supple, precise and musical enough to bring something extra to stereo music in a finessed hi-fi system,’ said George Poutakidis, of BusiSoft, which distributes Dynaudio in Australia. When it becomes available in Australia in November, the Dynaudio Sub 3 will be available in Black Satin and White Satin finishes and will sell for $1,999 (RRP).

For further information, please contact Busisoft AV