Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio has re-designed four new models in its Confidence range, so that all four now have brand new bass and midrange drivers and a new directivity control tweeter lens.

The biggest difference between the new models and models in the previous series is the number of tweeters in each speaker, down from two to just one… though it is the new Esotar3 tweeter. The reason, according to Dynaudio, is the improvement in dispersion offered by a newly designed directivity control lens, which it calls a DDC (Dynaudio Dispersion Control) lens. ‘Intensive analysis in the company's Jupiter measuring facility in Denmark has enabled refinement of the Confidence speakers' high-tech DDC sound-beaming technology to produce the new DDC Lens system,’ said Otto Jørgensen, of Dynaudio.

All speakers also have re-designed low frequency and midrange drivers that have revised chassis to enable freer air flow around the rear of the cones, new glass-fibre coil formers, and ‘NeoTec’magnets that use neodymium. One thing that hasn’t changed is the cone material, which is Dynaudio’s patented magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) material. Although the front baffle looks to be the same as the old ones, which were made from MDF, the baffles on the new Confidence models are made from a material Dynaudio calls a ‘Compex composite’.

The Dynaudio Confidence 20 ($TBA per pair, including stands) is a large two-way stand-mounted speaker that couples a single 177mm bass/midrange driver with the Esotar3 tweeter. The speaker comes with a dedicated stand because it has an unusual down-firing bass reflex port, so cannot be fitted to a conventional speaker stand.

The Dynaudio Confidence 30 ($TBA per pair) is a three-way, floor-standing design that has dual 177mm bass drivers, a 152mm midrange driver and Esotar3 tweeter fitted with a DDC lens.

The Dynaudio Confidence 50 ($TBA) is a three-way, floor-standing design with two 177mm bass drivers, two 152mm midrange drivers and an Esotar3 tweeter with a DDC lens.

The Dynaudio Confidence 60 ($TBA) (pictured above) is a three-way floor-stander with two 240mm bass drivers, two 152mm midrange drivers and an Esotar3 tweeter with a DDC lens.

I've been doing this job for a long time,’ Jørgensen told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, ‘but for the first time in nearly a decade, listening to the new Confidence models genuinely gave new meaning to the music I thought I knew… they’re just extraordinary.’

All the speakers in the new Dynaudio Confidence range will be available in Midnight high-gloss, Smoke high-gloss, Raven Wood high-gloss, Ruby Wood high-gloss, and Blonde Wood finishes, and all will be available through Dynaudio’s Australian distributor, BusiSoft, who told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the first orders were in transit, and that pricing would be provided on their arrival in Australia, so we'll update this story when that happens.

For more information, contact BusiSoft