Telos Audio Distribution

In Telos Audio Distribution’s Room 2109 we found Mark Dohmann spinning vinyl on his landmark Audio Union Helix 1 turntable, develop with the Audio Union team of talented scientists, engineers and designers, including visual lines sketched out by Kyron Audio’s Lee Gray (Kyron’s room on Level 2 was using the new smaller Helix 2 as its source). Central to the Helix’s astounding performance is its unique Micro Signal Architecture (MSA) approach, aiming to remove physical and mechanical vibration and electrical noise at every stage in design.

It is playing at the Show with a Schroder CB arm and My Sonic LAb Ultra Eminent EX coving coil cartridge (a higher grade design than the regular Ultra Eminent BC).

Audio Union Helix 1

The replay chain continued through a Ypsilon Silver edition phono stage and Ypsilon PST 100 Silver edition preamp to Thrax Teres power amps and Thrax Lyra speakers with their magnesium-diaphragm mid/bass drivers and custom designed low compression ratio ring diaphragm tweeters in all-aluminium ported enclosures.

The digital source for the room is an Ypsilon CDT-100 CD player, while also in the system (we’re not sure quite how, as we were distracted by the both the sounds emerging and the incredible views from this room over Sydney Harbour) were Alluxity Power One power amps, and the fine Australian DEQX crossover system. Cables — interconnects, speaker cables and power cables — were EnKlein David series.

Mr Dohmann is also giving his popular Vinyl Masterclass once a day at the Show — check the Events schedules for details.