Degritter’s ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) is available in Australia for the first time. Unlike noisy vacuum RCMs, the Degritter uses high-energy, high-frequency inaudible ultrasonics to remove dust and grit from LPs. [Click image above to enlarge.]

Although some other RCMs use ultrasonic sound, Degritter says that its machine is the only one that has a 300-watt ultrasonic amplifier operating at a frequency of 120kHz. The amplifier drives four ultrasonic transducers, two on each side. ‘In addition to using four transducers for improved surface coverage, the Estonian-designed Degritter has a unique frequency sweep circuit which provides better cavitation energy in the Degritter’s water tank,’ said Rom Beyerle of Pure Music Group, which distributes the Degritter in Australia.

Unlike most RCMs, the small particles and dirt that are removed by the ultrasonic cleaning process don’t stay in the tank, but are actively filtered from the water by a fine mesh filter so it doesn’t end up back on the LP being cleaned. Separate drying cycles ensure the efficacy of the cleaning process, with 20 different fan power settings able to be selected.

Beyerle told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the Degritter's attractive minimalist look was created in close collaboration between the team and an industrial designer. ‘The design team also worked hard to reduce noise levels when the device is operating, with the result that the Degritter is almost totally silent when it’s operating,’ he said. ‘It uses essentially the same technology that’s used to clean parts in the semiconductor industry, where surfaces need to be pure on a molecular level.’

Available now, the Degritter sells for $4,550 (RRP). For more information, contact Pure Music Group