Advance Audio Australia has extended its offer of a complimentary upgrade for anyone who buys a Definitive Technology loudspeaker to the end of November. 

Originally due to finish on 30 September 2018, Advance Audio Australia has extended the promotional period to 30

November 2018.

The 'complimentary upgrade' deal is that if you buy an eligible Definitive Technology BP Series speaker, participating hi-fi dealers will offer you a complimentary upgrade to the next model up in that series.

So if you want to buy a pair of BP9020s, the dealer will offer to upgrade you to a pair of BP9040 speakers for the same price.

And if you want to buy a pair of BP9040s, the deal is an upgrade to the model BP9060.

If you want the top-line model in the range, the BP9080, the dealer will include a Def Tech CS9080 centre speaker for the same price.

Although this is being promoted as a ‘trade-up' offer, we like to think of it as getting a significant discount on the particular Def Tech model you'd like to buy so, for example, you can get a pair of BP9040s for the price of a pair of BP9020s, or a pair of BP9060s for the price of a pair of BP9040s.


The full list of participating dealers is:

NSW/ACT: Audio ConnectionEastwood HiFi, Miranda HiFi

VIC: Tivoli HifiAV Australia.

QLD: Mackay Stereo

WA: SAVI SystemsWest Coast HiFi JoondalupWest Coast HiFi O'ConnorWest Coast HiFi Malaga.

For more details including full terms and conditions of the promotion, click HERE