Advance Audio Australia is offering buyers of some Definitive Technology loudspeakers a complimentary upgrade. 

The special promotion starts today and finishes up on 30 Sept 2018. The deal is that if you buy an eligible Definitive Technology BP Series speaker, participating hi-fi dealers will offer you a complimentary upgrade to the next model up in that series. So if you want to buy a pair of BP9020s, the dealer will offer to upgrade you to a pair of BP9040 speakers for the same price. And if you want to buy a pair of BP9040s, the deal is an upgrade to the model BP9060. If you want the top-line model in the range, the BP9080, the dealer will include a Def Tech CS9080 centre speaker for the same price.

Steve Neil, of Eastwood Hi-Fi, who is one of the dealers participating in this promotion, commented: ‘This has to be one of the best promotions that I have seen in my 15 years with Eastwood Hi-Fi.’ 

Although this is being promoted as a ‘trade-up' offer, we like to think of it as getting a significant discount on the particular Def Tech model you'd like to buy so, for example, you can get a pair of BP9040s for the price of a pair of BP9020s, or a pair of BP9060s for the price of a pair of BP9040s.

The full list of participating dealers is:

NSW/ACT: Audio Connection, Eastwood HiFi, Miranda HiFi

VIC: Tivoli Hifi, AV Australia.

QLD: Mackay Stereo

WA: SAVI Systems, West Coast HiFi Joondalup, West Coast HiFi O'Connor, West Coast HiFi Malaga.

For more details including full terms and conditions of the promotion, click HERE