Looking for a flexible, bridgeable, stereo Class AB power amplifier that has a switchable low-pass filter so it can be used to power a passive subwoofer?

You need look no further than Dayton Audio's APA150 power amplifier, which is rated to deliver 75 watts per channel (into 4Ω) in its full-range stereo configuration, or 150-watts into 8Ω when bridged for mono operation. It also has a built-in, switchable low-pass filter so that it can be used to power a passive subwoofer.

Amplifiers today need to be multi-faceted to keep up with the task at hand, and versatility is the foundation upon which the Dayton Audio APA150 is built,’ said Brian Maddern, of Decibel Hi-Fi, which distributes the APA150 in Australia. ‘When configured in stereo mode, amplification is provided to a pair of speakers for stereo or surround playback. Select bridge-mono mode and the APA150 is ready to power a centre-channel speaker, or a subwoofer/tactile transducer when used with the on-board low-pass filter. Full-range line-level outputs allow for daisy chaining amplifiers for a multi-room whole house audio system or for bi-amp applications.

Because of its small size and high power output the Dayton Audio APA150 is fan-cooled, but Maddern claims that the fan is ‘virtually noise-free’ when running. The inbuilt low-pass filter is adjustable from 50–150Hz (at 18dB/octave) and the amplifier is fully protected against short-circuits and thermal overload. Also included are auto-on/off, silent turn-off with no audible transients, gold-plated RCA inputs/outputs, and 5-way gold-plated speaker binding posts. The amplifier measures 140×153×293mm (HWD) and sells for $275 (RRP).

For further information, please contact Dayton Audio at Decibel HiFi