Dali’s latest speaker series, titled Oberon, is now available through its new Australian distributor, Amber Technology. The Oberon Series is the first Dali entry-level series to use Dali’s patented SMC technology, which is said to drastically reduce non-linear magnetic distortion.

There are six models in the new Dali Oberon Series, and all use Dali’s new oversized (29mm diameter) soft textile dome tweeter, which extends frequency response within 3dB right out to 26kHz. The textile Dali uses for this tweeter is an ultra-light wave weave fabric that is optimised for a larger bandwidth in its lower frequency area to ensure an optimal handover from the bass/midrange driver, to ensure a well-balanced, unforced and very coherent upper midrange. Compared to most soft dome tweeters in the market, the dome material Dali uses is less than half the weight, at 0.060 mg/mm².

All bass/midrange drivers in the Oberon Series use a newly-developed wood fibre cone constructed from a blend of fine grain paper pulp reinforced with wood fibres, which creates a stiff, light-weight, well-behaved cone. ‘In combination with a low-loss surround and spider suspension, this cone reproduces the micro details in the signal completely unfiltered and with high accuracy,’ says Lars Worre, of Dali. ‘The cone terminates in a rubber surround that we chose for its soft and very flexible properties. It gives the cone free movement with a very low dampening effect, thus leaving the magnet motor able to totally control the cone movement.’

Several of the models in the Dali Oberon range have larger-than-usual 178mm diameters. ‘For the Oberon 7 and Oberon 3 we built a 178mm driver whose cone is 15 per cent larger than the industry-standard 165mm diameter driver,’ said Worre. ‘The larger cone area allows a lower voice coil excursion at the same sound pressure level compared to a 165mm driver and also allows higher maximum sound pressure levels, which leads to an effortless reproduction of the dynamics in the music.’

Speakers in the new Dali Oberon Series range from the Oberon 1 bookshelf speakers, at $799 per pair (pictured below, click on image to enlarge) up to the Oberon 7 floor-standing speakers, at $1,999 per pair. The Series includes wall-mounting models and centre-channels. Four finishes are available: Black Ash, White, Dark Walnut and Light Oak.  The Oberon series introduces a brand new front grille design for Dali, one which has rounded edges that add a lighter and contemporary visual look. Mountain Grey is the standard grille supplied with the light finishes while Shadow Black is standard on the dark finishes. A Marshmallow White grille is available as an accessory.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Dali Oberon 1 
Frequency Response: 51 - 26,000Hz (±3dB)
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 86dBSPL
Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz
HF Driver: 29mm soft textile dome 
LF Driver: 134mm wood fibre cone 
Enclosure: Bass Reflex 
Port Tuning Frequency: 50Hz
Dimensions (HWD): 274×162×234mm
Weight: 4.2kg
Price: $799 per pair (RRP)

For more information, contact Amber Technology