Famous Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Dali has introduced the iO-4 Bluetooth headphones, a lower-cost version of its top-line iO-6 model, with the cost-saving achieved by omitting Active Noise Cancellation circuitry. [Click on image to enlarge]

The Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology inside the Dali iO-4 includes CVC (Clear Voice Communication) which is designed to ensure anyone you’re talking to using your mobile can hear you clearly, under all noise situations. Dali claims 60-hours of wireless operation before the batteries require re-charging, but the headphones can also be used without any power at all, via a wired connection.

The Dali iO-4’s over-ear earpieces use 50mm paper fibre diaphragms. Dali says these have been specifically designed to constrain sound within the earpieces, so nearby users cannot hear conversations or music, and also to ensure passive reduction of external noise. The earpieces use with memory foam to ensure a soft yet snug seal around the ears. The headphone earpieces rotate through 180 degrees so they can be folded flat for compact storage, or hung comfortably around your neck.

The Dali iO-4 has a multi-function button integrated into the logo plate of the right ear cup that controls power, Bluetooth pairing, playback volume, play/pause/skip track operations and more’ said Richard Neale, General Manager of Amber Technology, which distributes Dali in Australia, ‘and to support the user experience, voice prompts report the state of operation, connectivity status and battery level.'

The Dali iO-4 headphones, which come with a flight adapter and a travel/storage case, are available in two colours—Iron Black and Caramel White—and sell for $499 (RRP).

For more information, please contact Amber Technology