Cyrus Audio, previously distributed in Australia by Crestmore, is now being distributed by Indi Imports, which has announced that Cyrus’ latest amplifier, the Cyrus One will go on sale in November at an introductory price of $1,299.
The Cyrus One uses Cyrus’s own third-generation Class-D amplifier technology, with power output quoted at 100-watts continuous into 6Ω. The new integrated amplifier incorporates aptX Bluetooth, a high-power/high-voltage Class-AB headphone amplifier, and has four line-level inputs as well as a MM phono stage. ‘Incorporating Bluetooth, a phono stage and a high-quality headphone amp, the Cyrus One gives Australians the opportunity to enjoy this superior British brand at its most affordable price ever,’ said Paul Riachi, of Indi Imports. ‘This new amplifier from one of Britain’s leading audio manufacturers celebrates more than 33 years of award-winning technological knowhow, and brings high end performance to the modern world and allows vinyl lovers, headphone users, streaming converts and CD users to enjoy their music at its best, but at a price within the reach of many.’
The Class-D amplifier circuitry inside the Cyrus One incorporates Cyrus’s patented ‘Speaker Impedance Detection’ (SID) circuit which measures the impedance of any pair of speakers you connect to the Cyrus One and automatically adjusts the Class-D amplifier’s frequency response to the impedance of those loudspeakers to avoid the frequency response errors that have made Class-D amplifier/speaker matching problematical. This technology made its debut in the Cyrus Stereo 200 power amplifier, released in 2015.

Established in 2014, Indi Imports is adding the Cyrus brand to a portfolio that includes Unity Audio, AMC, Elfi Design, Myryad, Sonoro and System Audio. 'Our aim is to bring the very best value and product to the Australian market without the inflated price tag that we have all become accustomed to,' Riachi told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. 'Price Parity and strong brand awareness including high speed turnaround in service is what Indi Imports is all about. Cyrus is very special to us, because it's 100 per cent built in the UK and  complements our current product distribution and strategy,  and with also a few more newer brands yet to be announced, our portfolio may be one of the very best and complete supply to any retailer.'
For more information about the new Cyrus One, or any Cyrus product, plus the locations of retailers stocking Cyrus, contact Indi Imports.