The Aries Cerat Symphonia Limited Edition loudspeakers made their public debut at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show which opened in Melbourne today. 'These speakers have previously been demonstrated at industry and trade shows in Europe,' said Robert Campbell, of Purasound (pictured above in his room at the show, with the Symphonia LE), 'but this is the first time they've ever been demonstrated at a hi-fi show that's open to the general public.'

The Symphonia Limited Edition differs from the standard edition by virtue of its exterior being coated with 'liquid carbon' and 'liquid copper' finishes, plus the crossovers, internal cabling and transformers have been upgraded. 'Although the Limited Edition speakers look absolutely stunning because of their exterior finish,' says Campbell, 'the entry-level version of the Symphonia gives around 95% of the performance of the Limited Edition.'

The high-frequency transducer in the Symphonia is a customised aluminium foil ribbon, that's loaded with a specially designed and unique shaped horn that dramatically alter the parameters and performance of the ribbon. The midrange driver is a 100mm diameter titanium driver, with an 11kg magnet that's also horn-loaded. The bass drivers are baffle-mounted, but they're rear-horn-loaded to maximise output in the listening room.

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