Linn has upgraded its Space Optimisation technology, with phenomenally good results, and you can see and hear it for the first time at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show that's on now in Melbourne.

What is Space Optimisation technology? According to Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio, it's technology that allows you to get the best sound in your room. 'You can have great speakers, but Space Optimisation technology will make them sound better in whatever room you're putting them in.' According to one showgoer, who wanted to remain nameless, Space Optimisation technology means that 'I can put the speakers where my wife says they have to go, yet still get perfect sound quality at my listening position.'

The upgrades to Space Optimisation are many. One of the biggest is that you now don't need to use a computer: everything can be done using a phone or a tablet. Almost as big a change is that whereas you previously could model only regularly-shaped rooms, you can now calibrate for rooms of any shape, including ones with recesses and nooks and crannies, plus tell it where all the windows are, how big they are, what the wall surfaces are made of, and more, including compensating for room temperature and humidity. Linn has also been busy expanding its speaker database as well, so Ng says there are now very few loudspeakers that have not been modelled, and thus improved by using Space Optimisation.

Nigel Ng will be demonstrating "before" and "after" Space Optimation all today and tomorrow in Tivoli Hi-Fi's room on the fourth floor of Melbourne's Como Hotel in South Yarra. For Show opening and closing times, click HERE