Vivid Audio  used the Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show to announce that it will be adding four new models to its range, but that due to the enormous worldwide demand, the models it has ordered will not be arriving in Australia until 2019.

The demand isn't surprising, because the new models, the Kaya K90, Kaya 45, and Kaya K25 not only look totally different to the existing models in Vivid Audio's range, and incorporate many of the same technologies, but they're available at much lower price points. The Kaya K25, for example, will retail for $12,750 per pair, yet it's still a 4-way 5-driver system housed in Vivid Audio's classic curvy glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite cabinet with all drivers featuring tapered tube loading, and radially polarized magnets.

The Vivid Audio Kaya K25 (pictured below) is rated with a frequency response of 33Hz to 22kHz +/-2dB and sensitivity of 87dBSPL (2.83V/1m). The speakers measure 1011x300x460mm (HWD).

Although you obviously can't hear the new speakers at the show, you can hear the Vidid G4 Giya Series 2 and Oval B1 speakers, so you can get a very good idea of what the new models will sound like, plus of course these models will continue on in Vivid Audio's range.

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