Les Davis, (pictured right) inventor of the Les Davis Audio 3D-2 constrained layer damping discs, is demonstrating his products at the Como Hotel this weekend.

'Constrained layer damping is a modern technology used to suppress vibrations, involving a viscoelastic material that is sandwiched between two layers of a stiffer material,' says Davis.

'This approach to vibration control is used in a number of applications, most notably in the aerospace and aviation industry. When applied to hi-fi components, it results in a dramatic improvement in sound quality.n each case, 3D makes a significant sonic difference in the overall sound. The noise floor is reduced. Music sounds fuller, with more visceral impact. The effect is not subtle--you will hear a difference when you use 3D-2 discs in your audio system.'

Davis also makes a CLD turntable mat that he says will improve the sound of any turntable. You can find him - and his products being demonstrated - in Tivoli Hi-Fi's demonstration rooms on the fourth floor of the Como Hotel, South Yarra.

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