The new Bricasti M21 Platinum Series DAC/Preamplifier is the trifecta of digital to analog conversion because it has three independent and user-selectable digital to analog signal paths: delta sigma and ladder dac for PCM conversion and for DSD playback, and true direct DSD. All digital input types are supported, with direct output or hard-wire bypass of the analog attenuator.

'The DSD circuit is a pure analog 1-bit converter using high-speed switching and a completely analogue filter,' said Zolner, who is demonstrating Bricast products at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show at Melbourne's Como Hotel this weekend, together with Deborah Sloss, of Studio Connections Australia, which distributes Bricasti in Australia. 'But in addition to handling all types of digital input it's also network capable, comes with a built-in renderer and is Roon ready.' When we asked about MQA, Zolner just sighed. 'It's on the list,' he said.

As with all Bricasti products, the new M21 is built by hand in, Zolner says, 'a classic brick mill building in Massachusetts USA by a team of individuals dedicated to excellence.'

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