GoldenEar's brand-new Reference Tower loudspeakers are showing in Australia for the first time in Melbourne, at the Como Hotel, for the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show.

The first showing of the Reference Towers is also a first showing for GoldenEar's new Australian distributor, Network Audio Visual.'We are so excited that we've been able to secure distribution of GoldenEar in Australia,' said Celia Harper, of NAV. 'We've been looking for great-sounding speakers that would partner well with our Parasound electronics for quite a few years now, and we were really pleased when the GoldenEar distriborship became available in Australia. We've known GoldenEar's founder Sandy Gross for many years now, from 'way back when he first founded Polk Audio. He's a great guy to work with and he builds really great speakers.'

The new GoldenEar Reference Towers follow on in the well-proven GoldenEar format, with an active bass section comprised of a 1,600-watt DSP Class-D power amplifier driving three 5x9 quadratic bass drivers, which are rear-loaded by four 5x9 passive radiators, and a passive midrange/treble section comprised of two 125mm bass/midrange drivers and a single ribbon tweeter. In their room on the fourth floor of the Como Hotel, Celia and Claver Harper are alternately demonstrating the Reference Towers with the GoldenEar Eon 3 bookshelf speakers, with the bookshelf speakers demo'ed with and without one of GoldenEar's powered subwoofers. 'Everyone coming into the room has been amazed by the sonic differences between a pair of $1,995 bookshelf loudspeakers and a pair of $16,000 per pair towers,' said Harper. 'There are differences, of course, but the most amazing thing is the lack of differences in many aspects of performance. It's something you just have to hear for yourself.'

If you'd like to hear the differences for yourself, and of course be one of the first people in Australia to hear the GoldenEar Reference Towers, you can do so at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show this weekend. For show details, click HERE