Magico's A3 four-driver, three-way speakers, which use cabinets made entirely from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminium are being demonstrated for the first time at an Australian Hi-Fi Show. They're being shown in the Absolute HiEnd/Sound Gallery demonstration room on the 4th Floor of The Como Hotel, in Melbourne's South Yarra, as pictured above.

The system uses two 178mm-diameter bass drivers that have Magico’s ‘Gen 8 Tec cones’, underhung neodymium magnets and 75mm titanium voice coils. The midrange driver is said to be newly developed by Magico for use in the A3 and has a 152mm diameter carbon fibre cone with a layer of XG Nanographene, an overhung neodymium-based motor system and a 75-mm diameter pure titanium voice coil.

The 28mm dome tweeter has a pure beryllium-diaphragm and is based on Magico’s M-Project tweeter. It has a neodymium motor system is encased in an improved back chamber. John Ong (pictured above demonstrating the Magico A3s in Room 419 of Melbourne's Como Hotel, says: 'The Magico A3 uses Magico's latest generation technologies, which deliver ultra-low distortion sound, enable higher power handling than the previous generation, and have massive dynamic capabilities.’

The A3’s crossover network uses state-of-the-art components from Mundorf of Germany and 24dB/octave slopes. ‘At long last Magico has developed a loudspeaker that’s priced so that this aspirational brand is now obtainable for a wider audience thanks to more affordable prices,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute Hi End.

For more information on opening and closing times of the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show being held this weekend at the Como Hotel, Melbourne, click HERE