Clearaudio has released the Smart Power 12V, a battery-based d.c. power supply designed to improve the performance of Clearaudio Concept Series and Performance DC turntables. (Click image to enlarge.)

When it’s being used to power a compatible Clearaudio turntable, the Smart Power 12V completely isolates the turntable’s electronics from the mains power supply, whilst it delivers a clean, exact 12 volts of direct current to the turntable. ‘The Clearaudio Smart Power 12 provides clean power that is independent of the voltage variability and inherent noise of the mains supply,’ said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio, which distributes Clearaudio in Australia. ‘With minimal output impedance, it delivers a steady, stable voltage, allowing your Concept or Performance DC turntable to maintain perfect speed stability. It can be set to switch automatically from battery play mode into recharging mode and even in its recharging mode it will continue to enhance your turntable’s performance and protect it from short circuits and power surges.’

When used with the Clearaudio’s Concept turntable, the Smart Power 12V not only provides the turntable’s motor with pure, clean d.c., but also that turntable’s on-board phono stage.

Available now, the Clearaudio Smart Power 12V retails for $1,295.

For more information, contact Advance Audio Australia