Launched at CES 2018, Sony’s MDR1-AM2 headphones feature newly-developed 40mm drivers and Fibonacci patterned ear cups.

Sony claims the new drivers have a high-frequency response that extends to 100kHz. ‘This pair of headphones has taken learnings from the Signature Series headphones, the MDR-Z1R, and follows the same impressive sound signature,’ said Laura Hunter, of Sony. ‘The headphones are lighter than their predecessor—the MDR-1A headphones that launched in 2014—which is a great advantage if you are wearing them on the go, and with this pair you can enjoy wearing your around-ear headphones for longer, with ear pads that have been specially designed for lasting comfort.’

The Sony MDR1-AM2 headphones come with two cables, a standard 3.5mm cable with remote and a 4.4mm balanced connection headphone cable, suitable for use with compatible devices. The Sony MDR-1AM2 will be available in Australia in April, with local pricing yet to be announced.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Sony MDR1-AM2 Headphones

Headphone Type: Dynamic
Style: Circumaural
Driver Unit: 40mm (Dome Type)
Diaphragm: Aluminium-coated LCP
Frequency Range: 3Hz–100kHz
Sensitivity: 98dBSPL/mW
Impedance: 16Ω
Weight: 187g
Price: TBA

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