Sennheiser has used CES as a platform to demonstrate prototypes for many years, and this year was no different, with the company showing a prototype of a soundbar featuring its Ambeo 3D technology, which aims to deliver immersive surround sound from a single soundbar.

'The 3D Soundbar is the latest development in our Ambeo 3D audio program,’ said Peter Ogley, Chief Operating Officer at the Consumer Electronics Division at Sennheiser. ‘There is nowhere better to demonstrate our commitment to shaping the future of audio than at CES, where so many technologies and innovations are first introduced to the world.’ 

Ogley said the Ambeo 3D Soundbar was a very exciting product. ‘It will place the Ambeo experience right into your living room, creating an incredibly immersive sound experience and a true as-if-there feeling without the need for any additional components, such as an external subwoofer,’ he said.

Continuing the Ambeo theme, Sennheiser's Ambeo ‘Smart Headset’ [pictured above right], which is a compact headset/microphone combo that lets consumers capture and listen to binaural audio recordings on their smartphones was also shown as 'new', but this was released last year and has been favourably reviewed by our sister magazine, Sound & Image, HERE

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