HIFIMAN previewed its new Sundara headphones at RMAF in 2017 but by the time CES 2018 rolled around they were available for sale, so that’s what HiFiMan showed… together with many other of its open-backed planar magnetic models.

The Sundara (it’s means ‘beautiful in Sanskrit) is an open-back planar magnetic design that uses a newly developed diaphragm that HIFIMAN says is 80 per cent thinner than the diaphragms it uses in its HE400 series headphones. According to the company, this results in ‘a faster and more detailed sound quality and a wider frequency response.’ The build is similar to that of other HIFIMAN models, with a floating headband but with improvements to the neckband and ear pads that reportedly ‘allow users to listen comfortably for hours on end.’ Some users reported that the new band was more comfortable than the HIFIMAN’s HE-400i but less comfortable than its HE-560 model. The 3.5mm headphone adaptor HIFIMAN supplies with all its models has now also been improved.

The HIFIMAN Sundara headphones are already available in Australia for $699 (RRP), from Australian distributor Addicated to Audio.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: HIFIMAN Sundara
Frequency Range: 6Hz - 75kHz
Impedance: 37Ω
Sensitivity: 94dBSPL/mW
Weight: 372g
RRP: $699

For more information, contact Addicted to Audio