Sony has released three pairs of sports wireless earphones at CES 2018, one of which (WF-SP700N, pictured above) it claims is the world’s first ‘truly wireless noise-cancelling’ model. 

The Sony WF-SP700Ns have an IPX4 rating, which means they’re splash-proof and can be worn in the rain. To make sure they don’t slip off in the wet, they’re supplied with arc supporters and Sony says they will fit securely in your ears no matter what activity you are doing. Four colours are available: black, white, pink and yellow.

The WF-SP700Ns come with a compact charging case that stores two charges, so when the WF-SP700N battery requires recharging (Sony quotes a battery life of three hours), the battery can be recharged from the case, with no external power required. The earphones have NFC one-touch BT connection and are compatible with Sony’s ‘Headphones Connect’ app, which now includes a ‘Quick Sound Settings’ mode so you so you can recall your favourite equalisation curve and ambient sound setting with just two taps of the headphones button. The Ambient mode lets you adjust the noise cancellation so you can be aware of your surrounds, which is helpful if you regularly exercise near roadways. The headphones also include Sony’s ‘Extra Bass’ circuit. ‘Particularly when combined with noise-cancelling, ‘Extra Bass’ will give your music a deeper, punchier bass,’ said Laura Hunter, of Sony. ‘Alternatively you can use the ‘Headphones Connect’ app to tailor the sound to your exact preference.’ By the time the WF-SP700Ns will go on sale in Australia around May, they will also be compatible with Google Assistant.

For more information, contact Sony Australia.