I am expecting great interest in this Mk2 Signature version of the M-80,’ said Shane Lewis, of Final Link Audio, which distributes Cayin Audio in Australia. ‘The original was a great seller in Europe and now has user-adjustable valve bias via the inbuilt bias meter. Also, the versions I have ordered for Australian and New Zealand also have a few specially selected parts that aren’t fitted to models in other markets, which is why this model is identified as a 'Signature' model.

The Cayin Audio M-80 MkII Signature’s circuitry is switchable, so it can be configured for Ultralinear or Triode operation. In Ultralinear mode, Cayin specifies the output power at 35-watts per channel. In triode mode, output power is specified at 18-watts per channel. Lewis says the M-80 Mk 2 Signature will be available in Australia in October, at which time it will have a suggested retail price of $1,399. ‘Thanks to the stronger dollar, the recommended retail price of the new Mk2 is lower than that of the original M-80,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

For further information, please contact Final Link Audio

altPictured Above: The Cayin Audio M-80 MkII Signature, available in Australia through Final Link Audio for $1,399.