Canton’s new Smart Soundbar 10 delivers Dolby Atmos cinema sound, multi-room connectivity and music streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. [Pictured above in silver. A black finish is also available. Click image to enlarge.]

The Canton Smart Soundbar 10 is the flagship in this German manufacturer’s range of ‘Smart’ Wi-Fi-enabled speakers. Like the previously-released Soundbar 9 ($1,199), the Soundbar 10 is a low-profile design, only 70mm high and 100mm deep. It’s a metre long, with a heat-treated glass top and metal speaker grilles.

Canton claims a power output of 300-watts for the amplifiers that drive the eight drive units inside the Soundbar 10 which comprise four aluminium-coned 79mm diameter bass drivers, two 50mm aluminium-coned midrange drivers and two 19mm fabric-dome tweeters. There is on-board processing support for Dolby, Dolby Atmos and DTS or you can simply use the Soundbar 10 to listen to regular two-channel stereo. The Soundbar 10 has bass, midrange and treble controls, three equaliser presets that adjust sound to suit the soundbar’s location, and music streaming and multi-room operation using Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect as well as via Bluetooth AptX. The Canton Smart Soundbar 10 also supports hi-res audio—up to 24-bit/96kHz over Wi-Fi and 24-bit/192kHz over HDMI plus it has digital (optical and coaxial) and analogue audio inputs.

You can connect the Canton Smart Soundbar 10 to other speakers via Wi-Fi to build a multi-speaker home cinema system or create a multi-room environment plus you can link it to a Canton Smart Sub 8 subwoofer to extend bass. ‘All Canton’s Smart Series models can be combined in any configuration, in full synchronisation, in any room in the house,’ says Paul Riachi, of Indi Imports which distributes Canton in Australia. ‘This also provides an upgrade path—start by boosting your TV’s sound with the Smart Soundbar 10, then build your Canton Smart Series system over time, however you desire. Chromecast is easy to set up and manage using the Google Home app for iOS and Android devices and once connected to Wi-Fi, any available firmware updates are automatically installed to ensure the Soundbar 10’s specification is always up to date.’

Available now in black or silver, the Canton Smart Soundbar 10 retails for $1,599 (RRP). The matching subwoofer [pictured below, click image to enlarge] sells for $999 (RRP).

For more information, contact Indi Imports