Cambridge Audio has released a low-cost, bare-bones phono preamplifier, the Solo.
The Cambridge Audio Solo phono preamplifier uses a switch mode power supply and its circuitry is almost entirely surface mount (SMT) to enable extremely short signal paths. Cambridge Audio’s design team has further simplified the circuitry by only providing support for high-output (moving-magnet) cartridges, and not providing any adjustable loading features for this input, the impedance being fixed at 47kΩ and the capacitance at 100pF.
What is adjustable is the left/right channel balance, via a small potentiometer fitted to the rear panel.
Cambridge Audio rates the Solo’s RIAA curve accuracy over the range 30Hz–20kHz at ±0.65dB and the signal-to-noise ratio at >90dB. Crosstalk is claimed as being greater than 85dB at 10kHz.
In keeping with Cambridge Audio’s ‘green’ philosophy, the Solo automatically switches itself into standby if it’s unused for twenty minutes, in which mode energy consumption drops to less than 0.5W. Cambridge Audio's Australian distributor is Synergy Audio Visual.
For further information, please contact Synergy Audio Visual