British company Cambridge Audio claims that its new Alva turntable is the first turntable to be equipped with aptX HD audio, so it can transmit sound from an LP direct to aptX-equipped headphones, powered speakers and to aptX HD-equipped amplifiers such as the Cambridge Audio Edge or to Cambridge Audio’s YoYo Bluetooth receiver. ‘Because aptX HD uses 24-bit, 48kHz LPCM, the resulting signal is indistinguishable from wired high-resolution audio,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy Audio Visual, which distributes Cambridge Audio in Australia. ‘So put simply, it’s the first Bluetooth enabled turntable that doesn't compromise sound quality for wireless enjoyment!

The Cambridge Audio Alva turntable has a phono stage built-in, so if you choose to hard-wire it, it can be connected to any available line-level input. Cambridge rates the phono stage with an RIAA accuracy of 30Hz–20kHz (±0.3dB)  and a signal to noise ratio of more than 90dB(A). The Alva also comes with a high-output moving-coil cartridge pre-installed in a Rega tonearm. Thanks to the phono stage’s gain of 42dB, the nominal output is 250mV.
The Alva has a heavy polyoxymethylene (POM) platter that’s driven by a direct-drive motor instead of a (these days more common) belt drive system. Cambridge claims that the direct drive system delivers better speed accuracy and lower wow and flutter.

The Cambridge Audio Alva TT retails for $2,799 (RRP).
Manufacturer’s Specifications: Cambridge Audio Alva Turntable:
Drive Type: Direct
Turntable Speeds: 33.33, 45 rpm
Motor Torque: 1.6kg/cm
Wow & Flutter: <0.1%
Turntable Platter: POM (Polyoxymethylene)
Tonearm Type: One piece aluminium casting
Tonearm Effective Length: 238mm
Tonearm Overhang: 17.2mm
Tonearm Effective Mass: 11g
Phono Stage Gain @ 1kHz: 42dB
Phono Stage Nominal Output: 250mVrms
Phono Stage RIAA Curve Accuracy: 30Hz-20Hz ±0.3dB
Phono Stage Signal/Noise Ratio: >90dB(A)
Phono Stage THD+N 1kHz: 0.0025%
Phono Stage Input Impedance: 47kΩ
Phono Stage Input Capacitance: 320pF
Audio Outputs: RCA line level
Bluetooth: SBC, aptX, aptX HD
Power Consumption: 6–20W, <0.5W (Standby)
Dimensions (WHD): 435×139×368mm
Weight: 11kg
Cartridge Type: High Output Moving Coil
Cartridge Frequency Response: 30Hz–20kHz ±1dB
Stylus: Elliptical
Cantilever: Aluminium
Cartridge Output Level: 2mV @ 1kHz
Tracking Force: 2g
Price: $2,799 (RRP)

For more information, contact Synergy Audio Visual