Australian manufacturer Burson Audio has released its Conductor 3 Reference Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifier/DAC. [Click on images for larger versions.]

The new Burson Audio Conductor 3 Reference uses two SABRE32/ESS9038Q2M DACs to play back all PCM files up to 786kHz and DSD up to 512. It also has a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver (Qualcomm/CSR8675) with aptX HD audio codec onboard. The Conductor 3 has two analogue line-level inputs, two digital inputs (Toslink and USB) and of course Bluetooth. It has a pre-amplifier output, a DAC output and, on the front panel, two 6.5mm headphone jacks. ‘The Conductor 3 Reference is a new benchmark that will let you rediscover your music collection all over again,’ said Jack Thomas of Burson Audio. ‘It took over 3 years to design and it leaves our competition in the dust, pushing performance to the highest level, yet the whole family can enjoy it with ease. It also pushes Bluetooth playback beyond CD quality.’
The Burson Audio Conductor 3 Reference has five full sets of Burson proprietary ‘Max Current’ power supplies and is capable of delivering 7.5-watts per channel of Class-A power into 16ohm headphones.  ‘This means the C3 Reference is able to drive any headphones under the sun,’ Thomas told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Your first and most profound impression of the C3 Reference when you listen to it is its overwhelming energy. It energises every note and every space in between, bringing absolute control and accuracy. Drum kicks are hard and crisp while decays are sustained and packed with micro-details. On Kathy’s Song by Eva Cassidy, her voice shines like the sun: warm, golden and eternally beautiful.’

The Burson Audio C3 Reference is currently in pre-order phase, with pre-orders attracting a $US400 discount over the stated retail price of $US1,800.

For more information, contact Addicted To Audio, which is the official distributor for Burson Audio