Bully Sound Company (BSC) audio equipment is now available in Australia through Absolute Hi End.

The Bully Sound Company, which designs and builds BSC products entirely by hand in its factory in Connecticut, USA, was established in 2010 by Bret D'Agostino, the eldest son of Dan D'Agostino, the world-famous audio engineer who founded Krell industries Inc. and who now heads up Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems. Before founding Bully Sound Company (named after D’Agostino’s pet dog, an English Bull Terrier), Bret D’Agostino worked at Krell, starting out on the production floor assembling products. He later worked as head technician, service manager and, eventually, as National Sales Manager. He also spent 8 years as sales manager for RSA, the company founded by Dick Sequerra.

At present, BSC’s product line-up includes the BSC-100m, a Class-A monobloc power amplifier, the BSC-60s Class-A stereo amplifier, and the BSC-LL1s preamplifier. The BSC-100m was BSC’s first product, and is rated with a power output of 100-watts into 8Ω, 200-watts into 4Ω, 400-watts into 2Ω, and 800-watts into 1Ω, with frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.25dB and an A-weighted signal-to-noise ratio of 96.5dB, referred to its rated output at 8Ω. ‘All components inside the amplifier meet or exceed military standards and are over-specified to promote long life expectancy,’ says Bret D’Agostino. The output stage comprises four massive internally mounted heat sink towers designed to cool the ten 230V, 17A, 200W output devices necessary to produce 100-watts of pure Class-A power. There’s also a half-power mode and an ‘ECO’ mode that can be used to reduce mains power consumption when playing at low volume levels. ‘Bias flexibility allows control over your power demand in different listening situations, but does not limit the amplifier’s output power potential,’ says D’Agostino. The BSC-100m has extensive protection circuitry that protects against excessive d.c. voltage, extreme temperature, short-circuit and over-current conditions.

The old Krell is back,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes BSC in Australia. ‘Bully Sound Company makes Class A amplifiers and utilizes Class A circuits. Class A designs are historically recognized as top performers in their respective categories and offer many sonic benefits over low bias designs. Because the output circuitry in a Class A amplifier is essentially on at full power all of the time, the unit is hot to the touch and draws a considerable amount of continuous energy from the wall outlet. To minimize the amount of heat, BSC uses oversized internal heat sinks and provides a bias level adjustment switch that allows you to reduce the amount of Class A bias on the output stage by 50 per cent and eventually approximately 98 per cent or what BSC calls ECO mode. This allows the listener to vary the amount of energy and heat during a particular listening session. This comes in handy during the hot summer months or when critical listening isn't required.

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altPictured Above: BSC (Bully Sound Company) 100m Class-A power amplifier