Canadian manufacturer Bryston is trying to re-define the definition of active speakers with its new ‘Active Loudspeaker’ line-up.

All the speakers in Bryston’s new ‘Active Loudspeaker’ line-up are passive, with no electronics built into the speaker cabinets at all… not even a crossover network. Instead, all amplification and the (electronic) crossovers are external to the cabinets. The external crossover is Bryston’s DSP-enabled BAX-1 active crossover and the external amplifier can be either Bryston’s three-channel 21B3 or its six-channel 24B3 depending on the model.

Calling the system ‘active’ flies in the face of the accepted usage of the words ‘active loudspeaker’ where these words are taken to mean that all the electronics are contained within the loudspeaker enclosure, so all you have to do is connect a power cord, then introduce an audio signal (these days, this is primarily wirelessly, via Bluetooth).

Bryston appears to both agree and disagree the accepted meaning of the words ‘active loudspeaker system’. A release from the company says: ‘Most active speakers utilise an amplifier built into the speaker enclosure, however the Bryston Active solution utilises full-size, zero-compromise outboard amplifiers engineered to deliver best performance and a Bryston BAX-1 state-of-the-art digital crossover, which contains proprietary software for each active loudspeaker model. The BAX-1 receives a full-range analog audio signal from the preamplifier and performs the three-way crossover functionality and driver correction for each channel, also applying any user-selected filters for tailoring the bass response of the loudspeakers.

Bryston says the 21B³ and 24B³ amplifiers were designed specifically for its ‘Active Speaker’ line-up (Model T Active, Middle T Active and Mini T Active). ‘The Bryston 21B³ 3-channel amplifier was crafted to provide ideal amplification for any of the three speaker systems, providing earth-moving power and flawless precision for music enthusiasts,’ said a company spokesman. ‘Two 21B3 amplifiers are required to drive a pair of Bryston Active Loudspeakers. The Bryston 24B3 is a single chassis solution offering six channels of amplification. Delivering less total system power than two 21B3s but ample power for many listeners, the 24B3 is ideally suited for the Middle T Active and Mini T Active systems.’

The Bryston Model T Active is a 1.3m tall floor-standing three-way design with three 203mm bass drivers, two 133mm midrange drivers and two 25mm tweeters. The Middle T Active is a 1m tall floor-standing three-way loudspeaker with two 203mm bass drivers, a 133mm midrange driver and a 25mm tweeter. The Mini T Active is a bookshelf design with a 203mm bass driver, 133mm midrange driver and 25mm tweeter. All three have a 20-year warranty.

Australian pricing and availability:

Bryston Model T Active system - A$43,997 (BAX-1, 2x 21B3 amplifiers, one pair of Model T Active loudspeakers). Available TBA
Bryston Middle T Active system – A$26,998 (BAX-1, 24B3 amplifier and one pair of Middle T Active loudspeakers). Available TBA
Bryston Mini T Active system – A$23,998 (BAX-1,  24B3 amplifier and one pair Mini T Active loudspeakers). Available TBA

For more information contact Bryston’s Australian distributor, BusiSoft.