Direct drive turntables had fallen out of favour until around ten years ago, when German manufacturer Brinkmann introduced its Oasis turntable, which used Helmut Brinkmann’s bespoke, proprietary direct-drive motor, a massive platter, and ‘soft’ proportional speed control, delivering a product that many audiophiles said combined the extreme pitch accuracy and durability of the best direct drive systems with the levels of musicality and liquidity which had previously been the exclusive domain of belt drive. Brinkmann then followed up with the lower-priced Bardo, which became the company’s best-selling turntable.

Brinkmann says that after designing and building several unrelated products, it realised it could further improve its direct-drive technology, the result of which is the Brinkmann Taurus which features a new bespoke magnetic field motor, along with the ‘soft’ proportional speed control and platter from the Oasis. However the Taurus is built on a massive 40mm thick duralumin chassis inspired by the company’s top-line Balance belt-drive model. ‘The Taurus delivers deeper, more visceral bass combined with the dynamic agility and forward drive which characterise all our direct drive turntables,’ said Brinkmann. ‘Taurus’s chassis has been resonance-optimised to banish mechanical noise and enable the deep-black background for which Brinkmann turntables are renowned. In a further homage to our statement turntable, Taurus offers wireless speed selection (between 33.33-rpm and 45-rpm) via an engraved aluminium disc reminiscent of Balance’s hard-wired control.’

The Taurus uses Brinkmann’s unique ‘Collar’ system that enables users to use two tonearms, which can be between 9-inches to 12-inches in length, and easily switch tonearms if required. It also comes with Brinkmann’s standard ‘Performance’ power supply, which can be optionally upgraded to a Vacuum Tube Supply.

Available now, the Brinkmann Audio Taurus Turntable sells for $22,990 (RRP). Optional accessories that are also available for the Taurus include a granite base, an HRS isolation base, and the RöNt Tube Power Supply.

For more information contact Brinkmann’s Australian distributor, Audio Fidelity