As TV screens get ever-thinner, and accordingly deliver accompanying ever-thinner sound, speaker manufacturers such as KEF have producing speakers/soundbars to deliver hi-fi sound. The new KEF V700 Sound Bar is best-suited for TV screens of 47-inches (120cm) and bigger. Only 53mm deep, it fits neatly under such a screen, either via a wall mount, or placed on top of a piece of furniture using the stands supplied. KEF says it is able to be mounted as close to the wall as nearly any TV on the market and that its stands also allow tilt adjustment for optimum placement and positioning.

You can bring your TV to life with KEF’s new V Series soundbar and wireless subwoofer,’ said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio Australia, which distributes KEF in Australia. ‘Vocals become so realistic they sound live, and sound effects so lifelike they will keep you on the edge of your seat. When watching music shows, it seems like the performers are in the room with you. With KEF’s new V Series, you’ll get more from your favourite shows than you ever thought possible.

The KEF V Series V720W Sound System allows you to enjoy high-fidelity sound without the hassle of adding an AV receiver and yet another remote control because its on/off, mute and volume functions can all be controlled by your existing TV remote control, provided you use the HDMI connection. Inside the V700 soundbar are four 115mm-diameter bass/midrange drivers and two 25mm aluminium tweeters, incorporating KEF’s unique ‘tangerine’ waveguide, all powered by integrated Class-D amplifiers. It’s designed to be used in conjunction with KEF’s V20W subwoofer, which features a long-throw 200mm driver and a 200-watt Class-D amplifier, but any other model in KEF’s range is also suitable.

The KEF V Series V700W Digital Soundbar retails for $1,199 (RRP), or you can buy the Soundbar and Subwoofer for $1,599 (RRP).

For further information, please contact Advance Audio Australia