Boulder has released a flagship preamplifier, the 3010, which retails for $159,900.

Boulder says it spent around three years developing the 3010, which has four independent chassis: one for the left analog signals, one for the right analog signals, one for the logic/user interface signals, and one for the power supply. Boulder has cleverly integrated the four independent chassis so that when they’re positioned together they look like a single integrated unit (as per our photograph above).

The new four-chassis preamplifier has several unusual circuits, one of which being a ‘Blend’ circuit that takes a fully separated stereo signal and incrementally converts it to mono in sixteen discrete steps. ‘The blend circuit enables the creation of a true centre image from hard-panned instruments, plus it delivers stable images from mono LPs played back with stereo phono cartridges,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Boulder in Australia.

A large full-colour, 380mm LCD display clearly indicates the status of all controls and settings in real-time as well as the programmed audio path. The 3010’s three balanced outputs can be operated independently for multi-zone operation or together for bi- or tri-amplification. An HTML setup page is available for 3010s that are connected to an active computer network to allow you to program setup preferences, input and output options, and allocate custom input and output names.  The 3010 is also the first preamp from Boulder to offer full IP control integration.

The Boulder 3010 preamplifier is natural mate to Boulder’s 3000 Series amplifiers,’ Granovsky told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘It is also unique because Boulder has managed to incorporate all the features and functions on the 3010 without any adverse impact on the sound quality. In fact some of the features, such as the fully-balanced volume control actually improve sound quality, in the case of the volume control by significantly reducing distortion and step noise. The 3010 is not only the most flexible preamplifier Boulder has ever designed, it’s also easily the greatest preamplifier in the company’s history.’

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd