Undeterred by floods, Boulder has released new 2100 series pre and power amplifiers to replace its 2000 series.

So far, two new models have been released, the 2110 Preamplifier and 2150 Monobloc, with the Stereo Power amplifier 2160 to follow before year’s end.

The new 2100 Series models are completely different from their predecessors. Every part and circuit of the 2110 preamplifier except for the front panel buttons and volume control is completely new and/or newly designed. Significantly, the preamplifier is now comprised of four chassis to ensure total isolation of left and right audio channels, logic and user interface sections, and power supplies. Also, circuitry is now all completely surface-mounted, which Boulder says increases reliability, consistency and allows optimised ground planning, while at the same time reduces signal path length, PCB capacitance and noise radiation. Volume control is via the next generation of Boulder’s CMOS actuated stepped volume control which incorporates full-balanced operation for a lower noise floor and elimination of any step noise. Externally, all casework is now interlocking machined 6060-T6 aluminium that’s been bead blasted and clear anodised.

Although every electronic circuit within the 2150 Mono Amplifier is entirely new, all the technological changes incorporated in it were primarily derived from Boulder’s 3050 Mono Amplifier according to Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Boulder in Australia. ‘Incorporated in the design are 80 output devices, 48 filter capacitors and three toroidal power transformers, with the result that the 3050 is able to deliver power output of 1,000-watts into any load, enabling massive current swings and the ability to drive any loudspeaker to realistic audio levels,’ he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

The Boulder 2150 uses a form of Class-A operation in which the bias current is continuously monitored and adjusted in order to increase efficiency and reduce wasted radiated heat energy and, like the preamp, all electronic circuits and electronics are now surface-mount designs that are manufactured on Boulder’s own surface-mount manufacturing machines and ovens. Full Ethernet IP control capability and a 12V trigger mini-jack connection enable the 2150 to be used with advanced control systems and triggered home cinema installations, while a new and complete array of protection and status monitoring circuits are continuously active, to ensure 24/7 amplifier protection.

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd