The noise-masking earphones Bose crowd-funded via Idiegogo back in 2017 are now available for sale as a commercial product… but they don’t play music, they just make noise.

Bose ‘Sleepbuds’ are wireless earphones designed to be worn while sleeping. They don’t play music though. Instead, ten different sounds are stored in flash memory so you can choose a sound to be playing while you’re sleeping. Sounds (Bose calls them ‘Sleeptracks’) include ocean swell, rain, a waterfall, wind, and ‘night’ sounds as well as other options such as brown noise, all of which are designed to ‘mask’ sounds you don’t want to hear, such as the snoring of a partner, or noise from passing traffic. Although these sounds default to continuous play, you can have them turn off after a preset period of time.

Noise-masking is a science,’ says Daniel Lee, of Bose. ‘It’s more than ambient sound or white noise.  You can’t achieve it by simply turning up the volume on calming songs. At night, you’re trying to shut down completely, and the world is naturally quieter, even the slightest sound seems loud.  Bedside machines can’t cover it, earplugs can’t block it, and earbuds meant for sitting, standing, or moving can’t be worn for hours lying down—especially on your side.  But Bose sleepbuds can.  And if you’re someone who’s tried everything and nothing’s worked, or haven’t tried anything believing nothing will, we made them for you.’

Although Bose makes no mention of it, we assume that tinnitus sufferers who have found that using masking noise makes their tinnitus less obvious will be interested in using the Sleepbuds for this purpose. Bose says of the design of the Sleepbuds ‘every last detail was optimised for one thing—better sleep, all night, every night.’

Each Sleepbud weighs 1.4 grams and is approximately 10mm in diameter. A laser-etched antenna on the exterior enables to a phone or tablet loaded with the Bose Sleepbud App to control and program the sounds pre-loaded in flash memory. You can also use the App to set an alarm to wake you in the morning—which will have the advantage that your sleeping partner won’t be able to hear your alarm. The rechargeable silver-zinc battery that powers the Sleepbuds will provide up to 16 hours of playback before needing to be recharged, which is accomplished by putting them in their charging/storage case. To use the App, your phone or tablet needs to support Bluetooth Low Energy, (Apple devices with iOS 10 or later and most devices with Android 5.0 and later.

Availability only in a high-gloss white finish the Bose Sleepbuds sell for $379.

For more information, contact Bose Australia.