Bose has released a battery-powered wireless loudspeaker it calls a ‘Portable Home Speaker’ that can be linked to Bose’s other wireless models, the Home Speaker 300 and 500; and the Soundbar 500 and 700.

The seamless, anodised aluminium cylindrical enclosure of the Bose PHS is 190mm tall and 101mm in diameter. Inside are a single high-excursion driver and three passive radiators. A deflector is employed to distribute the sound through 360 degrees. ‘Unlike conventional speakers, there’s no sweet-spot for placement or listening—it delivers the same, jaw-dropping experience wherever it is, wherever you are,’ said Ben Burns, of Bose. ‘You’ll hear clear, lifelike sound, included size-defying bass.’

The new Bose PHS is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating to survive spills, splashes, and rain, available in black or silver finishes, and is reportedly rugged enough to withstand drops, knocks, and hits.  It comes with an integrated handle for convenience and can charge through standard USB-C, or a charging cradle (sold separately). Battery life is claimed to be 12 hours.

Bose uses a proprietary system that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to access playlists, podcasts, news, weather, smart home devices and more, but there are buttons on top for basic functionality, including access to a ‘microphone-off’ feature which cuts power to the microphones to eliminate the chanced you could be listened to or recorded. Using the Bose Music app adds additional functionality.

Available now, the Bose Portable Home Speaker sells for $499.95 (RRP). 

For more information, contact Bose Australia