Bose claims that its new 700 series wireless noise cancelling headphones represent the biggest leap forward in NC headphones since the iconic QuietComfort, which were likely the world’s most popular noise-cancelling headphones for in-flight use. [Click image to enlarge]

The new Bose 700s have a revolutionary new voice interface that redefines mobile communication the way Bose noise cancellation redefined mobile audio,’ says Brian Maguire of Bose. ‘New technology inside the 700s isolates a user’s voice from unwanted sound, allowing Bose 700 owners to do something that’s never previously been possible: Surrounded by noise from competing conversations, rush-hour traffic  and loud subway platforms, they can share their quiet—and not the noise around them—for crystal-clear calls to home and work, and gain unprecedented accuracy from virtual personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Bose 700s use eight microphones to help cancel noise and improve voice pick-up while rejecting external noise. ‘The microphones first create a  beamform-array that isolates your speech, and suppresses everything else that’s audible, then a rejection-array adds a second line of defence, tracking then blocking the most disruptive remaining sounds—from a coffee grinder to other dialogue nearby,’ said Maguire. ‘It all happens in real-time and works with any VPA, and with any phone paired to the 700s.’

Bose says its noise cancellation circuitry eliminates the hiss added by most other noise cancellation circuits, and offers variable levels of cancellation, plus has a ‘Conversation’ mode. The Bose Music app works with the 700 to allow you to customise and change operational preferences, update software, and potentially access additional features such as noise-masking tracks. Battery life is claimed to be 20 hours.

Available now, the Bose 700 NC headphones retail for $599.95 (RRP).

For more information, contact Bose Australia