Bluesound’s Pulse Soundbar is the first in the world to offer hi-res wireless audio streaming plus support for MQA. Acoustic design and voicing was performed at Canada’s National Research Council by famous speaker designer Paul Barton (PSB).

The Bluesound Pulse Soundbar is configured as a true three-way, design, with each speaker section driven by its own dedicated amplifier—one that has been DSP-optimised for application. The Pulse’s black extruded aluminium cabinet was styled by award-winning industrial designer David Farrage of DF-ID and can be mounted on a shelf, a wall mount, or as a freestanding tabletop display with the optional TV bracket which lifts the TV just enough to allow secure placement of the soundbar directly below the TV. ‘The deep bass extension of the Pulse is not only extraordinary… it’s actually unheard-of in this category,’ said Michael Thornton-Smith, of Convoy, which distributes Bluesound in Australia. ‘It is due to a variety of factors, including a large chamber volume, the use of passive radiators to augment the dedicated bass drivers, and the use of DSP for equalisation. Its bass performance is flat to down to 70Hz and only 3dB down at 55Hz, which is remarkable for such a slim enclosure.’ Thornton-Smith told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that audiophiles who want more bass than the Pulse delivers will soon be able to buy a dedicated subwoofer (the Pulse Sub, retailing for $999).

Using Bluesound’s BluOS wireless multi-room streaming operating system, the Pulse Soundbar makes it possible for your TV room to be the heart of a whole-home wireless music system that can deliver hi-res music throughout an entire house, via an easy-to-use app available for smart devices and additional systems fitted with BluOs.

BluOS is a proprietary music-only operating system powered  by an ARM processor and precision master clock running at 1GHz. This allows support for almost all audio codecs including MP3, AAC, WMP, Ogg, FLAC, ALAC, and true hi-res audio including MQA. Local music can be accessed via Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet anywhere on the network including NAS drives and computers, in addition songs that can be streamed from music services. Other inputs include optical, USB and analog inputs, plus aptX Bluetooth for direct streaming from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Intended for use with flat panel displays 106cm (42-inches) or greater, the Bluesound Pulse Soundbar ($1,799 RRP) will be available in Australian in October 2016.

For further information, please contact Convoy International