Italian high-end manufacturer Bassocontinuo has released its ‘Ultimate Line’ series of equipment racks, the Anteo, Gargantua and Golia, which it says were developed in co-operation with Milan’s Politecnico University.

The shelves in the Bassocontinuo Ultimate Line racks are made from HDF+ by Valchromat, which is a manufactured wood product that is claimed to be 35 per cent more rigid and 20 per cent heavier than standard HDF. Each shelf is covered by a material made by Arpa Industriale called Fenix NTA that Bassocontinuo describes as ‘an empowered metal surface: extremely matt, soft touch, anti-fingerprint and with a resistance to superficial micro scratches’ that comes in three different finishes: steel, silver and gold. The shelves are isolated from the support structure by a visco-elastic materials.

Underneath the topmost shelf of each rack is an 11.5 kg damping isolator that Bassocontinuo says helps to reduce vibrations generated by turntables and CD players. Each of the spikes used to couple the Ultimate Line racks to the floor is said to weigh more than 2kg. They’re made from solid stainless steel fitted with Delrin tips.

Unlike many high-end high-tech equipment stands, Bassocontinuo’s Ultimate Line racks are modular, with the 60mm cylinders available in two lengths (15cm and 75cm) to enable different height/spacing combinations. The Ultimate Line racks are also strong, with Bassocontinuo claiming that the bottom-most shelves have a ‘breaking point’ of 1 tonne.

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