One of the original founders of Paradigm, Scott Bagby (pictured right, shortly after founding the company), has purchased the company back… along with high-end brands Anthem and Martin-Logan.

Bagby founded Paradigm in 1982 in Toronto, Canada, forming a partnership with two ex-Angstrom employees, Jerry VanderMarel and Martin Stec. (Angstrom is a Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer whose products are distributed in Australia by Jay Vee Technologies).

Although Stec was primarily responsible for Paradigm’s early designs, Bagby co-designed them and when Stec returned to Angstrom in 1985, Bagby took over the design role. One of his first projects was to ensure Paradigm owned the largest anechoic test chamber in Canada, which at over 900 cubic metres, is even larger than the chamber owned by the Canada’s National Research Council. Bagby was also responsible for vertically integrating Paradigm’s manufacturing operation, so that it not only designed and built finished loudspeakers, but also the drivers that were used to make them—bass, midrange and tweeters. In 1998, Paradigm acquired Canadian electronics manufacturer Sonic Frontiers and its Anthem brand.

In 2005, private equity firm Shoreview Industries, acquired a controlling interest in Paradigm, although Bagby maintained a minority interest in the company and continued in his position as Chairman, during which time SVI Holdings was established, which subsequently acquired electrostatic loudspeaker manufacturer MartinLogan.

Following the buy-back, Scott will continue as Chairman at Paradigm Electronics, but will now also assume the role of CEO. John Bagby, who has had an active role in the business for many years, has taken on the role of Managing Director. ‘This is an exciting time in the industry and we look forward to the opportunity to move into the future with all three brands,’ said Bagby. ‘We will continue to maintain and adhere to the core values of each brand as we strive for continuous innovation to deliver products with superior performance and value. We will operate with integrity and respect, building on the great relationships and strong friendships created over the years. This is our commitment to the industry.

In Australia, all three brands—Paradigm, Anthem and Martin-Logan—are distributed by Melbourne-based distributor Audio Active