Two firsts for Lithuanian loudspeaker manufacturer AudioSolutions. It has appointed its first Australian distributor, Absolute HiEnd, and it has released the first model in the Virtuoso range, a true three-way design called the Virtuoso M in Australia, following its debut in Munich earlier this year. [Click image to enlarge]

AudioSolutions’ new Virtuoso M sits, range-wise, just below the company’s flagship Vantage 5th anniversary model. ‘The Virtuoso M uses many of the technologies developed for and used in the Vantage, but design-wise takes its looks from the company’s Figaro,’ says Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd.

The AudioSolutions Virtuoso M uses two 190mm bass drivers, a 165mm midrange driver and a 12.5mm dome tweeter. The efficiency of this small-diameter is enhanced through the use of what AudioSolutions calls a ‘mini-horn’, which it first introduced with its Overture series. ‘The mini-horn was introduced to fight an unwanted soft dome resonance problem with the happy result of not only removing the resonance but also lowering THD, increasing sensitivity and providing additional damping,’ said AudioSolutions’ founder, owner and chief designer, Gediminas Gaidelis. ‘The mini-horn proved so effective that we’re now using it in every new speaker we introduce.

The Virtuoso’s 165mm midrange driver is operated over an extremely wide range, being rolled on at 500Hz and rolled off at 7kHz. ‘The human ear is most sensitive in the 800–2000Hz region, which means that if you use two drivers to cover this bandwidth—as most loudspeaker manufacturers do—the ear can detect the two different point sources and flag the sound as being ‘not real’, said Gaidelis. ‘In addition to this, even the ideal crossover will introduce both phase and harmonic distortion, which the ear can also detect. We use band-enhanced mid drivers to make crossover points as distant as possible, we do sacrifice a little bit of dispersion but this is nothing compared to benefits.

The unusually low and high crossover points enable AudioSolutions to include in the Virtuoso for the first time an adjustable crossover network that offers three different sonic profiles: Balanced, Softened and Enhanced. ‘The Balanced profile offers everything you would expect from this class of speaker,’ Granovsky told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, ‘whereas the Softened profile is generally preferable when listening to metal or rock at high volume for prolonged periods. The Enhanced profile is essentially only for those listeners who demand to hear the tiniest details in their music, even if it might not benefit the musical intent. It’s also perfect to anyone evaluating other components, such as a new cable, CD player or DAC.’

SoundSolutions’ Virtuoso cabinet is made using the same ‘double box’ technique employed in the Figaro, where a fully-sealed cabinet with heavy internal bracing is enclosed inside another, outer cabinet. According to SoundSolutions, this prevents the cabinet walls from flexing, providing ten times the panel stiffness with only two times the mass.

Available now in seven different standard finishes which include five saturated colours and one that SoundSolutions says has never previously being used on a loudspeaker: ‘a flame chameleon finish which changes colour from cold grey to all temperatures of flame/spark from cold blue up to warm red,’ the SoundSolutions Virtuoso M retails for $45,900 per pair (RRP). [Click on image below to enlarge]

For more information, contact Absolute HiEnd.