Innovative Nighthawk headphones use 3D printed parts, liquid wood, biocellulose diaphragms and split-gap motors.

The Nighthawk headphones were designed by Skylar Gray, Director of Ear-Speaker Products at Audioquest, who said they were: ‘the first completely original production headphone to use a 3D-printed component’ in the manufacturing process. The headphones are also unusual because of the material from which the ear cups are made: from lignin, a natural by-product of the paper-making industry, which is combined with resins, heated, liquefied and processed in such a way that it can be injection-moulded. ‘Unlike plastic, liquid wood delivers outstanding acoustic properties and has less of a negative impact on the environment,’ said Gray. ‘In terms of design, the Nighthawk draws inspiration from loudspeaker designs for the best listening experience possible in a set of headphones. It has a biomimetic grille inspired by the structure of butterfly wings that uses a complex diamond-cubic latticework. This feature is designed to eliminate unwanted sound distortions and echoes for smoother audio playback.

Other features of the Audioquest’s Nighthawk headphones include the use of 50mm-diameter drivers with biocellulose diaphragms and split-gap motor systems, which Audioquest says significantly reduce intermodulation distortion, plus a suspension system that enables the ear-cups to move freely for a more comfortable fit, for which Gray says Audioquest has applied for a patent. The Nighthawk was recognised at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as a winner in the ‘Best of Innovation (Eco-design and Sustainable technology)’ category. ‘Offering an exceptional audio experience, Nighthawk benefits from Audioquest’s longstanding reputation in high-performance cables,’ said Scott McKenzie of Amber Technology, which distributes Audioquest in Australia. ‘With more than 30 years in the industry, Audioquest’s repertoire includes a headphone cable purposely designed to minimise distortion, enhance user satisfaction and provide a deep emotional connection to the music.’ Available now, the Audioquest Nighthawk around-the-ear semi-open headphones sell for $895 (RRP).

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