AudioQuest has released its ‘Mythical Creatures’ series of speaker cables, which are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology. (Dragon Bass is pictured above, click for larger image)

AudioQuest’s founder, William (Bill) Low and his engineer Garth Powell have created what they believe are the most transparent, get-out-of-the-way immersive speaker cables ever made,’ said Richard Neale, General Manager of Amber Technology. 'The cables in the Mythical Creatures series—ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon—are not merely an incremental evolution; their introduction represents a category advance in speaker cable design.’

By eliminating the Mythical Creatures speaker cables’ characteristic impedance entirely using Audioquest’s ZERO technology, current compression and distortion of signal transients are significantly reduced,’ said Neale. ‘The result is dynamic contrast, transient response, and bass slam that are rendered seemingly without effort.’

AudioQuest says its new Mythical Creatures ZERO speaker cables may be used in one of two ways: either as full-range cables or in combination with a dedicated AudioQuest BASS cable in a bi-wire configuration. ‘The AudioQuest ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon BASS cables incorporate AudioQuest’s patented common-mode noise-rejection technology, yielding an audibly dramatic additional reason to bi-wire,’ said Neale, ‘but whether AudioQuest’s new Mythical Creatures speaker cables are used full-range or bi-wire, the beautiful sonic result is the sound of the amplifier doing its job uninterrupted by either current compression or radio frequency noise.’

Based on 3M lengths, prices of the new Mythical Creatures cables are: Dragon Zero $44,000; Dragon Bass $34,000; FireBird Zero $24,000; FireBird Bass $19,000; Thunderbird Zero $7,500; and Thunderbird Bass $5,900.

For more information, contact Amber Technology