AudioQuest has released its ‘Folk Heroes’ series of speaker cables, which are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.

The cables in AudioQuest’s Folk Heroes range are very closely related to the company’s Mythical Creature Series, and use many of the same technologies. ‘While the cables in the Mythical Creatures series are all-out assaults on the state-of-the-cable-art, the Folk Heroes cables use all of the same technology with fewer conductors,’ says Richard Neale, General Manager of Amber Technology. ‘These include its ZERO Technology, its PS Perfect-Surface conductor technology, its Noise-Dissipation System technologies, its DBS 72V dielectric-bias system with carbon-level radio frequency noise trap and, in its BASS cables, its Ground-Noise Dissipation System.’

There are two models in the AudioQuest Folk Heroes Series—Robin Hood and William Tell [photorender cutaway section depicted above]—which are available with either Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ or Solid Perfect-Surface Silver conductors. ‘As with the larger-gauge cables of the Mythical Creatures series, William Tell and Robin Hood can be used in one of two ways,’ says Neale, ‘either employing the ZERO model for full-range, or a ZERO model in combination with a dedicated BASS cable, in a bi-wire configuration.’

Available now, the AudioQuest Folk Heroes pricing is: William Tell Silver Zero ($11,200); William Tell Zero ($4,900); William Tell Bass ($3,300); Robin Hood Silver Zero ($8,000); Robin Hood Zero ($3000); Robin Hood Bass ($2,800). All prices are RRP per pair in three metre lengths.

For more information, contact Amber Technology