Audionet has created a 'Special Edition' of the SAM 20 integrated amplifier to celebrate the  twentieth anniversary of the SAM 20 design.

The SAM 20 SE uses the same MOSFET power transistors as the Audionet Watt, which have extremely low series resistance, which Audionet says enables them to have a faster transient response. The power supply capacitor bank of the LE version is 25% larger than the standard version, being comprised of 15,000µF capacitors instead of 12,000µF capacitors, which has increased total storage available from 96,000µF up to 120,000µF. The power transformer is an encapsulated toroidal type rated at 700VA.

Other internal component upgrades on the Special Edition version include new high-grade mica capacitors and faster FETs and higher-grade op-amps in the phono stage (provided by an inbuilt card). All internal point-to-point wiring in the SAM 20SE is via silver and gold conductors. ‘We’re very excited by this special edition version of the SAM 20 SE integrated amplifier,’ said Rom Beyerle, of Pure Music Group, which distributes Audionet in Australia. ‘It follows in the footsteps of the highly-regarded SAM G2.’

In other news from Audionet, its Ultra Series Watt, Planck and Ampere components, which were previously only available in a light bronze finish, are now available in black or silver finishes as well.

Available now, the Audionet SAM 20 SE retails for $11,500.

For further information, please contact Pure Music Group