The Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier/DAC is now available in Australia. In addition to the onboard digital-to-analogue converter, the new 6000A has four digital inputs, three line-level analogue inputs, a phono input (moving-magnet), plus wireless connectivity via aptX Bluetooth. It’s distributed in Australia by Audio Visual Revolution (AVR).

The 6000A’s four S/PDIF digital inputs—two coaxial and two optical—link to an ESS9018 Sabre32 DAC that handles PCM data up to 24- bit/192kHz and has three user-selectable digital filters: ‘Fast Roll-Off’, ‘Slow Roll-Off’ and ‘Minimum Phase’. 

Audiolab rates the power output of the 6000A’s Class-A/B output stage as 50-watts per channel into 8Ω, from an output stage’s discrete Class AB power amplifier stage delivers 50W per channel into 8Ω. The power supply is linear, using a 200VA toroidal transformer and four 15,000µF capacitors. The headphone output fitted to the 6000A is supplied by a dedicated headphone amp with current-feedback circuitry.

‘If you take inflation into account, this new 6000A is the most inexpensive amplifier that Audiolab has ever produced,’ said Tony Ingrisano, of AVR. ‘It delivers deep, well-defined bass, expressive midrange and sweet, subtle highs plus also delivers remarkable sonic consistency, irrespective of the source.’ Available now in black or silver, the Audiolab 6000A sells for $1,399 (RRP).

For more information, contact AudioVisual Revolution