Lithuanian manufacturer Audio Solutions has released a new range of loudspeakers known as Figaro. First shown at the recent North Germany Hi-Fi Days, the Figaro series replaces the company’s Rhapsody series.

All models in the Figaro series except the bookshelf and centre speaker are three-way designs, because according to designer Gediminas Gaidelis, it’s important to not have a crossover point in a critical area of human hearing, which is inevitable in any two-way design. ‘In a three-way design the engineer can pick crossover points so they don’t occur in the critical area between 800Hz and 2kHz where centuries of evolution made the human year the most sensitive’, he told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘I am a fan of two-way speakers—and we have some two-way designs, so there’s a place for them—but not having a crossover point in an ear-critical area really does the job of delivering a highly detailed and clear midrange.

All speakers in the new Figaro range use custom Sb Acoustics drivers with extra-rigid cones and Audio Solutions’ ‘Self-Locking’ cabinet construction, which Gaidelis says enables good bass control and deep bass extension even from its smallest Figaro S model. ‘It is truly remarkable the difference a properly designed cabinet make,’ said Gaidelis. ‘Usually cabinets are made of six walls joined together and additional bracing inside cabinet for a little bit of improved cabinet inertia. Such cabinets usually lack bass attack and clarity because cabinet itself resonates at many different frequencies and the decay of the cabinet’s accumulated energy is very slow compared to how fast the audio signal is changing. The thickness of the materials used in our Self-Locking cabinets varies between 18mm and 50mm and we also sandwich different materials to improve damping. Also, where surface edges join, there’s a very big difference between the simple glue joints used by most manufacturers and our Self-Locking joint.’

The three-way speakers in the Figaro range have small-diameter tweeters. ‘We also chose a bit smaller tweeter than usual to have faster response in very top end,’ said Gaidelis. ‘While bigger tweeters perform well in two-way systems where greater power handling is needed, they sacrifice reaction time and thus lose out in top-end clarity. The Figaro three-way designs benefit from smaller tweeter with much lighter membrane which directly translates to faster response and lower distortion. To fight tweeter sharpness at higher volumes we introduced both a mini-horn and a waveguide.’

All Figaro range speakers are available in 17 different finishes including all colour variants of the high gloss Xiralic finish, 3D textured high gloss finishes and even three different linen finishes. ‘Our extensive range of unique finishes means customers and interior designers can make our speakers a feature of their living rooms, and part of the interior decoration,’ said Gaidelis.

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