Synergy Audio Visual has announced the arrival in Australia of Audio Research’s ‘Foundation Series’ of components, which it says was designed by the same engineering and design team responsible for its award-winning Reference Series.

The Foundation family of vacuum tube components has been created to provide incredible musical experiences,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy Audio Visual, which distributes Audio Research in Australia. ‘The new DAC 9 digital-to-analogue converter is a wonderful example, with state-of-the-art solid state circuitry provided to decode most formats natively or upsampled to 384kHz, selectable digital filters to allow customisation of the digital signal, and a pair of 6H30 vacuum tubes at the heart of the analogue circuitry to ensure that spatial definition, dynamics and detail abound while at the same time providing the most natural musical experience.’ The DAC9 has five digital connections—USB, RCA, BNC, AES/EBU, and Toslink and both unbalanced and balanced analogue outputs. Available now, the Audio Research Foundation DAC 9 sells for $11,995 (RRP).

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Audio Research DAC 9
Frequency Response:    6Hz–192kHz ±3dB
THD+Noise:    <0.002%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:    >114dB
IMD+Noise:    0.001% (SMPTE)
Channel Separation:    107dB
Intrinsic Jitter:    <10ps
Output Impedance:    500Ω (Bal); 250Ω (SE)
Digital Filter:    Fast/Slow (Selectable)
Output Voltage:    3.8Vrms (Bal); 1.9Vrms (SE)
Price: $11,995 (RRP)

For further information, please contact Synergy Audio Visual