Audia Flight has released its FLS-10 Integrated Amplifier, which the company says uses the same output stage as its FLS-4 power amplifier.

The output stage of the FLS-10 is rated at 200-watts per channel into 8Ω, fully-balanced and uses 16 output transistors per channel. The power supply comprises a 2000VA toroidal transformer that feeds 12 different voltage rails, with the high-tension rail feeding the output stage smoothed by 288,000µF of extra-low-impedance capacitors. ‘All this attention to detail means that the speed, power, driving capability and control ability are elements close to perfection,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Audia Flight in Australia. ‘It also means that the FLS-10 is ideally suited to drive low efficiency, impedance critical and low ohm loudspeaker systems down to 2Ω and means that it’s a perfect choice for anyone wanting a high-end integrated amplifier.’

The fully-balanced preamplifier section of the FLS-10 is of dual-mono design and fitted with high-end volume controls. It has five inputs (three unbalanced and two balanced) and both balanced and unbalanced line-level outputs that are controlled by the volume control, plus a fixed-level RCA output. All inputs can be activated or deactivated, re-named as necessary, and their gain can be adjusted through a 12dB range to ensure output volume level matching.

For those who want more inputs, you can add any two of four optional plug-in cards to the FLS-10:

● MM/MC Phono Board with unbalanced inputs
● MM/MC Phono Board with balanced inputs
● Line Level Board with two line-level RCA inputs
● DAC Board. One asynchronous USB input with 32-bit 768kHz and DSD5.6 plus five digital inputs (one optical, one AES/EBU, two SPDIF, one for Audia Flight SACD transport) with 32-bit/192kHz and upsampling 32/768.

The Audia Flight FLS-10 has a brushed aluminium chassis, an OLED front panel display and comes standard with an infra-red remote control. Available now, it retails for $15,990.

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd